Size Matters

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’d like to take a few minutes to discuss something everyone loves to talk about… Portion control.

Portion Distortion

Over eating and portion control is an issue for so many of us. Today we’re served enormous portions at restaurants in comparison to the portions Americans received just a few decades ago.

PortionDistortionNearly every fast food joint around provides an option to “go large” for just a few cents more, couple this with the fact that most consumers are trying to find the best value for their money, it only makes sense to indulge. The problem is unless you’re splitting that meal with someone, you’re doing your body a disservice by loading up on extra fat and calories.

Size really does matter, when it comes to good eating habits, we need to be aware of proper portion sizes and familiarize ourselves with food labels so we know a true serving size.

Here’s a list of practical things that will help you be aware of your portions and ultimately have greater success in living a healthy and fit life.

1. Use The Hand Guide

The Hand Guide is a quick and easy portion control reference that you’ll never leave without lol.

Hand Guide to Portion Control


2. When eating out.

Split a meal with a friend when out at a restaurant or ask for a to go box as soon as your food arrives and wrap up half for later. This will prevent you from picking at your plate after you’ve eaten a proper portion and are probably full anyway.


3. Snacks

Eat between meals, don’t worry about “spoiling your appetite”. Eat when you feel hungry, healthy snacks are a great way to keep your energy up and help prevent bingeing at meal times.20150408144705-90-minute-morning-routine-workday-more-productive-healthy-breakfast-cereal-fruit-smoothie

4. Portion control plates

PortionControlPlatePortion control plates serve as a great visual aid, showing you exactly how much of each food group belong on your plate, a no-brainer for those just starting new habits.

5. Plan aheadTip-Portion-Out-Fruit-and-Veggie-Packs-At-The-Start-Of-The-Week

Prepare healthy snacks in baggies or snack size containers ahead of time. Busy days make grabbing for that quick bag of chips, cookies, etc much more tempting but if you’ve already cut and portioned veggies, fruit, raw almonds, raisins, Greek yogurt or whatever healthy snack you enjoy, you are setting yourself up for success.

6. Measure your foods

Pasta-scaleBust out those measuring cups and spoons, investing in a food scale (about 20 bucks) is very helpful as well, this may sound tedious but it really does not take a lot of time and after a while you’ll have a trained eye and be able to put meals together by memory.

7. Why waste calories on beverages?

SugaryDrinkInstead of going for that soda or sugary juice with dinner, opt for a large glass of water or unsweetened tea. If you absolutely have to have the carbonated drinks, there are a wide variety of delicious naturally flavored sparkling waters available.
This simple choice can keep you from wasting a ton of your daily calories. The average soda has about 150 calories in a 12 oz container, by giving up just one soda a day, you can save 54,700 calories each year!

8. Take your time and enjoy!

family-cooking-healthy-dinner-horiz_m4bstjMost of  us lead busy lives and catch ourselves rushing around. Eating your meals in a hurry can often cause you to eat too much or the lack of eating throughout the day due to busy schedules can cause us to binge at dinner and head back to the kitchen for late night snacks.


I believe in living a healthy and balanced life, hopefully these tips will help you have as much success in your health and fitness journey as you desire. By making simple yet effective changes like these to your eating habits and incorporating regular exercise, you don’t have to deprive yourself of an occasional night out for dessert or drinks.

If you enjoyed this blog and want to learn more about fitness and nutrition make sure you check out my website .

Love T



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