Why wait?

Most of us have a ton of awesome things we’d like accomplish along with plans to dive into them “Someday”. For many of us, one such goal might be to live a healthier lifestyle, eat better or exercise more often. If you’re like most people you’re planning to start right after you ring in the New Year, or after things slow down at work/home, once the kid’s schedules aren’t so hectic, and so on and so on. Well guess what? That’s probably not going to happen! There will always be something in life to keep you from accomplishing your goals if you allow it.

I’ve learned there is no perfect time to start anything and there is no better time to start reaching your goals then right now. Instead of allowing yourself to over think it, just get started one step at a time, you have one life to live so why wait to be your best and live it to the fullest? Here are a few reasons you should eat better and workout!

IMG_4785Be healthy from the inside out!

Do it for a healthy heart and body, higher energy levels, just more pep in your step!

Do it because it makes you happy!

I’m always in a better mood after a good workout. Studies have shown that working out really does release hormones that make you feel better and can even help manage depression.

IMG_4786Do it for your family

Don’t you want to live a long healthy life and be here for those that love you? Set a good example for those looking up to you. You get one life and one body, treat them right.



Do it for a hot body

Seriously, it feels good to confidently put your clothes on (or take them off for that matter). Summer is quickly approaching, there will be no more hiding under bulky sweaters and Ugg boots. Now is the perfect time to kick it into gear and start working towards the body you’ve been wanting.

Here are a few helpful tips to get started and be successful.

Keep a food diaryFullSizeRender

I realized I was consuming many more calories than I thought on a daily basis. I also would think twice before I popped junk in my mouth since I knew I’d have to log it. The easiest way for me to log was using an app on my phone called myfitnesspal




Set realistic goalsmedia-planning

Don’t say you’re going to go to the gym 6 days a week at 5 in the morning, if you know good and well, you can’t wake up on time for normal things! Instead, consider 3 days a week as a good staring goal. Personally I’ve found mornings do work best for me. It’s much easier to have my workout done before my day really gets rolling, rather than trying to motivate myself to get it in after a long and tiring day. But the point here is to establish realistic goals that you can obtain, over time you’ll be able to push those limits further.


Find an enjoyable way to be active

Do you love running, cycling, swimming, dance or Zumba? For me it’s group exercise and interval training. I love the energy in the atmosphere when working out with a group of people. I gain motivation, accountability, get to partake in some healthy competition and really enjoy the camaraderie.


 Cut yourself a break

If you fall off the wagon, just dust off and start back again, you’re only human. If you commit to exercising and eating healthy the majority of the time, there’s no need to feel like a failure if you indulge from time to time in moderation.

Evaluate Relationships

Take a look at those close to you, do you share healthy habits? Evaluate your relationships and be sure that they are healthy for you mentally and physically.

 Do good things come to those that wait?

I have learned that many times good things don’t come to those that wait, they come to those who go after it. Take one baby step at a time and get going towards your goals and live your best life today.

IMG_2864The Road Ahead

You must understand that the journey ahead isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, this fact can seem daunting and prevent people from getting started. When results don’t come fast enough, discouragement can set in but you must remember that patience and consistency are key.
Once you do start, keep pushing through. Results will eventually come (if you put in the work) and upon seeing the fruits of your labor, you’ll be motivated to go even harder.
There are no short cuts that can give you a healthy, strong and fit body. You have to commit to eating better and exercising consistently, it’s cliché but like they say, “Anything worth having is worth working for!”


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