My Body After Baby

Two months ago I had my fifth c-section. Molding your body after a child is a difficult task all on its own but after major abdominal surgery, rebuilding your core strength lengthens the already slow process of getting  back into shape. We all want results after our first visit to the gym but that’s simply not the way it works, consistency and patience are crucial. I’m at the beginning of my journey back to fitness and absolutely thrilled about it.


I know a little something about the struggle to fight those anxious, “when will I see the results I want” emotions. I was rather hard on myself in 2013 the last time I began my post baby fitness trek. Prior to my fourth pregnancy it had been 10 years since my last baby and during that time I worked hard to get into the best shape of my life. I don’t think I was mentally prepared to still look six months pregnant, toting around my new cellulite and feeling pretty jiggly 🙂 weeks after having delivered.

I was so grateful for the beautiful baby I had just given birth to and enjoyed that time very much but I wasn’t so happy to see how my body changed. Thankfully, because of my fitness level prior to getting preggo and how active I was during the pregnancy, I was able to put in hard work, eat right, breastfeed and get back into shape in a fairly short amount of time.

IMG_1300Having just been through this two years ago, the rebuilding process is still fresh in my mind. I’m fully aware of what to expect and therefore much easier on myself. I started taking pictures directly after delivery and have been documenting these first couple of months in order to share my journey.

I truly feel excited about the transformation I’m beginning, this time I’ve made a decision to not get down on myself, I’m determined to embrace each stage as it comes and let the timetables and final outcome happen in due time. My body just spent nine months growing a human being and I know it’ll take about the same amount of time to get to where I want to be physically. I’m determined to help other moms get past poor body images after baby, own the current phase they’re in and keep a positive outlook while they work towards their goal.

I’ve learned not to compare myself to other people but instead to strive to be the best version of MYSELF. It can be easy to get down when you see fitness models pop out a baby and have a six pack again on day two lol. Those results are awesome but not typical, all of our bodies are unique but be assured you are capable of being fabulous!

IMG_1135v2  IMG_1134v2

Another factor that will keep me on track this time is the knowledge I gained becoming a personal trainer. I have a better understanding of what I need to do and I’m ready to put in the work. As many of us know, the tough part about getting into shape is not always the working out but finding the time to work out.

MommyAndMeMondayFlyerI’ve learned that if you want something bad enough, you’ll find ways to fit it in. Finding the time to work out with a toddler and 2 month old in tow can be challenging, so I’ve incorporated Mommy & Me workouts into playtime, the kids have a great time and mommy gets to do something good for herself.

Another approach that works for me is getting up before the sun. It’s still dark out, I’m fitting in time for myself, my music is going, heart pumping, endorphins kick in and I end up feeling awesome! I know to some people this may sound rough, but once I actually get out of bed (after alarm#5) and workout while my whole family is sleeping, I feel invigorated! For me it’s the best way to start a day, not only do I get 45 minutes to an hour all to myself but I even slip in a cup of coffee and watch the sun rise on my way home. It’s a great stress reliever and sets the tone for my day.

DSC_0069Mommies are always busy taking care of everyone around them (personally I wouldn’t have it any other way) but you have to remember to take care of yourself too. When you set aside even just a small amount of time to do something good for yourself it’s not only setting a good and healthy example but it makes you a happier and more balanced person.

At month two I am currently practicing what I preach and looking forward to posting more updates on my progress and passing along additional tips. I would love to see some of your mommy workouts, pics and creative ways you’re fitting in your workout. Please share!wordle3



2 thoughts on “My Body After Baby

  1. Hello Tanisha! I just found your blog and it is so inspiring! I am a first time mom and had to have a c-section b/c my little one was breech! I am 8 weeks post partum and have been doing some light cardio and body weight exercises. I wanted to ask you since you are a personal trainer, what ab exercises can I start to incorporate into my program with having a c-section? There’s so much info out there on what to do what not to do, I’m confused! Thank you so much!

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    1. Thank you Caelli and congrats on your little one!!!! ❤️
      As for abdominal exercises after c-section, you’re probably feeling confused by the conflicting advice because everyone’s body is so different. We all heal differently, so what one may think is good to do, another may completely disagree. Most importantly always listen to your own body, and listen to your doctor. I can always tell when I am pushing too hard, my incision area will become very tender and sore and I’ll usually scale it back a bit and ease back in.
      For me planks have been a great exercise. There are SO many variations, one leg, one arm, side planks, etc. Also increasing your hold time is great as well, first 30 sec planks and continue to work your way up!
      I have recently incorporated leg lifts, Russian twists and wood chops to my workouts. The ab exercise that I would stay away from at first would be any that have you hanging. Hanging ab exercises put a lot of pull and strain on me that I was not ready for, I’d ease in to that one!
      At 8 weeks post baby, I say plank it out! 😉


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