Our Birth Experience

Our Birth Experience

Two in a half weeks ago we welcomed our baby girl Tiana Porter into the world, I thought I would share our birth experience.


IMG_0471This is beautiful baby number five for us and the fifth C-Section for me. Our first born was delivered via emergency C-Section because after laboring an intense 22 hours my cervix wouldn’t dilate. In later years my OB has tried dilating sticks, Pitocin, etc. but my cervix stays shut, so cesarean deliveries it is for me.

The Fear

I couldn’t wait to see my baby girl’s face and hear the amazing sound of her first cry but I was somewhat nervous about this surgery because;

  1. Due to my age I was placed in the “high risk” category.
  2. I wasn’t able to be as active as my previous pregnancy and was sure it would affect my recovery time.
  3. It was my fifth cesarean and the doctors were concerned over how much scar tissue remained from previous deliveries.


Everyone figured I was a pro by now, but the truth is I’m terrified every time they wheel me into an operating room and although I tried hard not to shed a tear this time, I couldn’t help it. When the time came for my spinal block and they had my husband wait in the hall, I broke down. I tried to keep my thoughts positive and think about the little angel that we were finally about to meet but fear kept slipping in. At one point I thought, maybe they should just knock me out completely! Lol.

Thankfully, the scary part never lasts too long and before I knew it my husband was sitting there right next to my face and I was able to relax and take in everything that was about to happen. After 10 or so minutes, I start to feel the intense tugging and then hear the best sound ever, a loud, clear and healthy cry followed by my doctor saying “Wow she’s heavy, look at those cheeks!” She was 8lbs 1oz and I was overjoyed!

Gentle Cesarean

DSC_8785So much about this birth was different than the previous four I’ve had. My anesthesiologist didn’t restrict my arms, so after our little one was given a once over by the nurses, they immediately brought her over and I was able to hold and cuddle her while they sewed me up, I had never been able to do that before and it felt great to have her right there against my skin, as I stared at the little one I had dreamt about for the last nine months. Once the doctors were finished sewing me up, baby and I were moved to the recovery room and I was able to nurse her and watch her first bath. All of this is a new practice referred to as a “gentle cesarean” which allows mom and baby to have more contact and bonding right away, it was such a great experience and everything I prayed for.

“Birth” Day Party

DSC_8952After a pretty brief stay in recovery we were moved and settled into our room together, our kids and other family members joined us for a “birth” day party with balloons, banners, pizza, cake, the whole nine! (Sadly I was on a liquid diet!) Watching everyone celebrating in my room and seeing my kids bond with their new sister was such a beautiful sight, the day couldn’t have been any better.

Recovery Begins

DSC_8822I stayed in bed trying to rest for a few hours but was anxious to get up and walk a bit, mainly because I remembered how much it helped when our son was born and the only way to see him those first days, was to walk to the NICU. Another thing that’s always helped was having a belly wrap/binder, it makes walking, coughing, laughing easier. I strolled the hallway nice and slow but was able to stand up straight and felt pretty good considering twelve hours prior my insides were outside. The nurses continually commented on how well I was doing and how proud they were to see me up and about on night one, I assume this wasn’t the norm. A few nurses commented on the difference they see in patients who “take care of themselves” and are healthy and fit prior to pregnancy. After five pregnancies, two of them occurring during the healthiest times in my life, I’m convinced that being healthy and physically fit most definitely helped me to heal and bounce back much faster!

Our hospital stay was the shortest to date, after two nights we were discharged, I was extremely happy about that. As nice as our nurses and hospital staff were, there truly is no place like home. It’s pretty difficult to sleep well with someone waking you throughout the night to take vitals.

Bringing baby home

Those first nights were long, baby was up to nurse quite often, sometimes I would only get an hour of sleep here and there. Being mentally prepared made the sleepless nights bearable, I remembered my own advice and used the time to have quiet bonding time with my baby girl. I was able to nap when baby napped this time around, because my husband and older daughters were here to help out with our two-year old.

DSC_8871We’re only 2 in a half weeks in but she is getting on a bit of a schedule, allowing for three hour stretches of sleep. Who knew three hours of sleep could be so refreshing. On top of sleep, nursing is also feeling much more comfortable, anyone who has breastfed knows those first weeks can be brutal but with some awesome nipple cream (@motherloveherb) and patience, we’re turning that corner. My soreness from the C-Section is getting better day by day and things are slowly returning to normal in our home. I’ve still got about four weeks until I can resume all activity including lifting my son and working out but I know it’ll be here before I know it.

Fully Present and In the Moment

IMG_0399For now, I’m taking it all in, enjoying every moment and all they have to offer, I’m in no rush for tomorrow or four weeks from now. I’m content being present and completely grateful for this family that I’ve been blessed with.

I know there is so much to look forward to and I’m excited about sharing my journey with all of you. I’ll be documenting my recovery, weight loss and fitness transformation with pics and examples of my workouts. With the little ones, I’ll have some juggling to do but thrilled about coming up with fun and creative at home fitness tips, so Stay Tuned!



4 thoughts on “Our Birth Experience

  1. Thank you for sharing – this has helped me so much. I am a first time mum and anxious of birth. If I need to have C section I now feel more confident. What a beautiful family


    1. Thank you!
      Congratulations, how exciting for you❤️ whether the birth goes exactly how you imagined it or ends up going a bit differently nothing will compare to how you are going to feel when you hear and see that previous little one! xoxo


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