About Me

My name is Tanisha Porter, I am a wife and mother to five amazing children. In recent years I’ve  become a NASM certified personal trainer, something that I have wanted to do for several years and finally decided to jump in and do it!

In 2003 after giving birth to our third daughter, I found it more difficult to lose the baby weight than I had anticipated. I realized I was going to have to put in some work and make a few lifestyle changes to get back in shape. Around that same time my husband’s company began offering free gym memberships to employees and their families as a perk, perfect timing, just what I needed! Changes didn’t come as quickly as I wanted but as I started navigating my way around the gym, trying classes that were structured and lead by an instructor and weight training with my husband, over the course of a few months I finally started to see results! These results encouraged me to keep going, be more consistent and eventually gave me a desire to learn about fitness and nutrition on a deeper level.

Now 12 years later and much more knowledgeable, it’s become my passion to inspire and help others reach their fitness goals and make lifestyle changes. As a mother of five I definitely understand time constraints, pregnancy restrictions, healing issues and so on.

I’ve faced physical and emotional challenges and hope to share my experiences of how I’ve found solutions to overcome these issues while still maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.


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